Bill-HeadshotDr. William (Bill) Tolbert III - Our Pastor

I grew up going to church just about every time the doors were open.  Learning God's word was  an important part of my formative years.  In the early eighties, I was fortunate enough to be involved in playing gospel music professionally for many years.  Being a part of Three Nails Ministry has rekindled my passion for Jesus Christ.  I have always loved my Lord and Savior, but being part of Three Nails Gospel Church and also the Pastor has taken my love to new heights.  I enjoy being able to reach out to others and introduce them to the love, grace and mercy of God Almighty.

Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is the commission He left with us, His children, when He ascended after rising from the dead.  It is my commission to help as many people as possible know Jesus on a personal level.  If Jesus loved me enough to take those three nails, and having done nothing to deserve that death sentence, how can I not go out and tell everyone I meet about His abundant love for us, His children.

I ask that anyone looking at this website and reading this "blog" be in prayer for this ministry.  I hope you will join us in our mission to spread the love of Jesus Christ.  May God Bless you.  And remember…With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.  Matthew 19:26