Service Times


Sunday AM

Sunday School - 9:30    Worship Service - 10:30

Sunday PM

Praise & Worship - 5:00

(Nursery and Children's church available for both am & pm service)


Wednesday Evening

Men's meeting and fellowship - 6:30

Anyone with drug issues, alcohol issues, depression issues, relationship issues are welcome to come to our men's meeting and fellowship.  It can help to talk with someone who has been where you're at and made it through to the other side.  You can talk about your issues or just come listen to others who are going through the same thing you are.  If you don't have any kind of problem and just want another opportunity to learn the word of God, come join the men's meeting.  Don't tell anybody but they'll feed you, too!

Thursday Evening

Women's meeting and fellowship - 6:30

The women have their meeting on Thursday evening.  We fellowship and discuss issues also, but our meeting is more along the lines of a Bible study.  We have had evenings that one of our women may need to discuss something they're going through and that will take the place of our study.  However, that doesn't happen very often.  Here's another secret.  All the ladies agree that our Thursday night meeting and fellowship gets us through until we can be in the Lord's house again on Sunday.